YK11 – Liquid




Myostatin Inhibitor, Enhances Genetics, Muscle Growth

Each bottle contains:

30ml @20mg/ml

Compound Information:

Name YK11
Classification Myostatin Inhibitor
Purity 99%+
Format Liquid
Concentrations 30ml @ 20mg/ml
Molecular Formula C25H34O6
Cas Number 1370003-76-1
Oral Availability High
Biological Half-life 4-6hrs
Also known as YK-11
Research areas Muscle growth, muscle wasting, osteoporosis
Related substances RAD 140 (Testolone), RAD 150, MK 677 (Ibutamoren)
Legal Status Research / laboratory chemical

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Important: *Distributed for research purposes only *Not for human or animal consumption

For people who have always tried to gain lean mass and muscle with effective methods, the yk11 liquid is miraculously perfect. It is ideal for people who wish to gain muscles and go for muscle wasting.

YK-11 brings many benefits.

1-Develops continuous muscle growth)

2-Inhibition of myostatin)

3-Improves muscle strength Limits the formation of fats)

4-Fight against muscle wasting)
5-hardening of the muscles)

The research has shown that YK-11 is very anabolic and androgenic. Research has shown YK-11 binds to the androgen receptor in muscles and produces drastic increases in muscle. Research has shown YK-11 also inhibits follistatin which in turn inhibits myostatin which is a protein that limits the growth of muscular tissues therefore while present the chemical can actually alter genetic potential to build muscle tissue. Because of selectivity of YK-11 research has shown strong anabolic effects in building muscle at a rapid speed but also it doesn’t act on androgen receptors on other parts of the body.


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